Saturday, July 18, 2009

here you go

first of all, you must know that i never had any intentions of starting a blog BUT i have like 4 myspaces, 3 facebooks, and a twitter so i figured it was only right.  i mean, i am the world wide web.  i am public domain.   the reason i am writing this though is because a couple of years ago i wrote a weekly newsletter called "the cortez chronicles."  this news letter was very successful, and by successful i mean my friends thought it was funny.  but hey, the people loved it and i need to give my fans(friends) what they want.  this will probably be the easiest way for me to revive the dearly beloved cortez chronicles.  i can't promise that it will be in any way awesome but i'll do what i can.  i don't claim to be any sort of a decent writer but strange things happen to me on almost a daily basis so i'll do my best to share these experiences with you, my fans or friends, whatever.

*expect lots of grammatical errors.  basically if it's not for a grade it's not going to look good.  i won't be capitalizing anything with the exception of God, AIDS, and NASA.


  1. can you capitalize the words Bar, Party and Institution as well?

  2. this is the best Day of my life. lol.